The new ELITE View Trimmer is a perfect example of customer-focused product development at ERO. ERO developed this product in response to the need expressed in various markets for better visibility for the driver, a low center of gravity, and the need to work on terraced as well as uneven terrain.

The ELITE View Trimmer is mounted low on the tractor chassis. Lift masts are mounted on the left and right side of the standard hydraulic width offset positioned low on the tractor which carry the cutter beams. This ensures that the view directly in front of the tractor remains unobstructed.

How you benefit

  • High surface performance:

  • Stainless steel side elements

  • Standard belt pulley cover

  • Stainless steel turbo blades:

    • Special high-grade blade steel prevents residue buildup on cutting surfaces (nonstick coating effect)
    • The surface quality is maintained for the unit’s entire service life (no coating)
    • The rounded cutting edge creates a pulling cut
    • The blade shape prevents the wire from being wound up or cut due to driving errors. Even small shoot tips and leaves are processed.
    • The 35 cm long blades only exert a small amount of pressure on the bearing, allowing the trimmer to be attached close to the tractor which makes a tight turning radius possible.
    • In addition, the risk of damaging the grape zone while steering the tractor or in case of uneven terrain is minimized.
    • Low wear of V-belts and motor disks thanks to unique coating

Perfect view and low center of gravity

A wide range of adjustment options for the cutting unit

An anodized aluminum profile was developed for the PROcut model series:

  • Optimal protection of the drive unit thanks to a closed profile
  • Easy-to-clean, high-grade anodized surface
  • Stainless steel deflector plates on the cutter beams improve trimming quality and protect the cutting units and tractor from soiling

Further developed drive unit

  • With larger bearings
  • A closed drive unit and encapsulated bearings prevent the ingress of water, dirt and debris
  • Optimally dimensioned, maintenance-free V-ribbed belt drive
    • Belts do not require retensioning
    • Greater transmittable output (higher torque)

Further-developed turbo blades

  • Repels wire and has suction effect
  • 375 mm in length, greater strength of materials and new shape
    • Better trimming performance and enhanced trimming quality