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Over-the-row one-sided front-mounted

Over-the-row one-sided rear-mounted

Two-sided front-mounted

Two-sided rear-mounted


  • Numerous hydraulic adjustment options allow optimal angle to foliage wall:

    • Hydraulic width offset – for adjusting distance of heads from foliage wall
    • 40 cm hydraulic lateral offset
    • Hydraulic tilting by 27°
    • Hydraulically height-adjustable heads
  • Manual adjustment of degree of defoliation

    • by aligning the defoliator heads
    • Air pressure adjustment (max. 1 bar)
    • Adjustment of nozzle rotation speed
  • VITIpulse terminal

    Display and adjustment of

    • pressure (safety shutdown in case of excessive pressure)
    • Rotor speed
    • Compressor oil temperature
  • Breakback protection for the defoliator heads with gas spring and self-actuated retraction

  • Defoliator heads with stainless steel front shield and guide runners to protect vineyard equipment

  • No tools required for opening the housing for cleaning and maintenance

  • Dismount stand for front-mounted unit

  • VITIpulse compressor unit

    • Compressor unit on frame with universal three-point support compatible with category I and category II.
      The compressor technology can be accessed easily for maintenance and cleaning. Adjustable frame length for various tractors. The compressor unit includes the universal joint shaft and muffler as standard equipment.


            • Comfort control

              4 x double-actuating, 1 x single-actuating, with joystick operation

            • Reversing valves
            • Hydraulic width offset

            • Z linkage

            • Lift frame holder with hydraulic tilting