ERO-Box Pruner Sickle Knife

The ERO Box Pruner Sickle Knife allows trimming of the foliage wall to the desired height and width.
Suitable for pruning shoots of max. 1.5 cm in diameter.

Standard equipment

  • Numerous adjustment options:

    • Hydraulic cutting width adjustment, 70 cm
    • Hydraulic lateral offset, 40 cm
    • Manual cutting angle adjustment for vertical cutter beams
    • Hydraulic cutting height adjustment of horizontal cutter beam
      by 40 cm
    • Horizontal cutter beam pivotable in transport position
  • Reinforced slide tube

  • Vertical cutter beam, 80 cm long

  • Horizontal cutter beam, 80 cm wide

  • Breakback protection for the horizontal cutter beam and vertical cutter beams with gas spring and self-actuated retraction

  • Double-acting lift frame with cylinder inside the frame, 800 mm stroke
    (surcharge for 1,100 mm lift frame with 800 mm stroke)

  • Simple mounting with automatic centering of bores, hitching to all tractor types possible

  • Reinforced lift frame holder with hydraulic tilting

  • Dismount stand with hydraulic lifting

  • Solenoid valve control or comfort control